Sunday, 12 February 2012

More of Victoria

Team member John Robson and his wife Rita recently made their first trip to view Victoria viaduct close up. John sent me this photo, which struck me as showing how enormous the bases are for this listed structure. John's glamorous assistant here poses by one of the north side piers, where some of the scribbling of the local idiots does not detract from Victoria's (and Rita's) magnificence.

John's photo reminded me of a rather primitive drawing I'd been sent when researching the project, from the publication 'Fordyce - A History of Durham'. This shows Victoria under construction (1836-8), with the timber staging required to support the masonry above, a couple of derrick's for moving stone blocks around, and what may be a temporary contractors railway in place for supplying the stonework to the site.
Less than 4 weeks to Nottingham now, better get a move on!


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