Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lambton 'D' Pit Headgear Etch

I made a posting here dated 29th March 2011, ending with the words "back down the pit" or something like that. Well here's what I'd started back then, after looking on and off at the 'Wrightscale' etched brass kit in a drawer for the previous 3 years (you may remember the kit being advertised in the 2mm Scale Association Magazine). Mr Wright also did the kit in 4mm scale, and I think they are still available.

Like many kits, there are quirks and 'incomplete' parts to the instructions. Even having to drill holes for some of the handrails in the floors (not lining up with the post centres) and some missing words on a page, I am still delighted with the kit and the efforts it took to (nearly) complete the model as seen here.
When I bought the kit I also availed myself of the additional etch that was on offer for a spare set of sheaves (wheels). These can be left lying around representing a spare set at the pit.
A long time afterwards I was looking at the kit etches and noticed that the main kit sheaves are about 2.5mm bigger in diameter than the additional etch! The axle bearings on both etches are exactly the same size, so it's not a case of the sheave only etch being 'shrunk' to a different scale. Weird, but as the sheaves are cosmetic only, it will not matter in my case.

The finished headgear will be situated on top of the roof of the colliery building next to the winding house on my little representation of Lambton 'D' pit on Fence Houses.

I'm now awaiting the latest test sheet back from the etchers any day now, and with various walkways, stairs and lots of wall and roof windows for the colliery buildings, I should be able to finish all the buildings in time for the Nottingham show in 5 weeks time...... hopefully!


Anonymous said...

Stunning work Bob! (Pete M)

Anonymous said...

Brass origami!

It's going to look good on the layout.

David M. (Kylestrome)

Unknown said...

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