Thursday, 19 June 2008

Even more Easitrac

It's been a while since my last posting on this blog, but here we are, caught in the act on our fairly regular Thursday get together, Mick, David, Simon, Les and yours truly.
Actually Mick just dropped by to check how we were getting on with the bulk order of Easitrac just collected from him.
We spent some 13 man hours today cutting rail, marking the top for the correct way up (!) and filing the lead end of the rail to ensure an easy passage through the chairs.
The result is 8.5 metre length in total track made, some of which can be seen in the photo. This has still to be laid, and consideration is also being given to the best way of fitting the dropper wires for electrical contact to the under board bus-bars. Probably I'll be using some of the thousands of copper clad sleepers I have with etched chairs already fitted. Might as well use them up somehow!
As I've now finally decided to go the DCC route, we plan to complete one board at a time, learning as we go, and no doubt calling on all and sundry for advice and assistance!
Thanks for viewing.