Friday, 27 May 2011

Oh, and one last thing.

In all the postings I've made here, it seems this is the first photo of the real Victoria viaduct, (this is just a part of it). I think she's beautiful, even if she is 173 years old!
She looks so slender, but those dark areas under the arches are 25 feet wide. That indicates to me not just the shear size, but how well designed and built she is.
Thinks........ must get that water effect on the model finished off.


Even more progress at Fence Houses

More of Alan's recent photos, showing the station buildings from the 'N' gauge version of 30 years ago. We have the signal box, then the goods shed (with one missing door), and showing the wooden platform extensions in the foreground. Note also the octagonal shaped cattle auction mart in the left background. Next the footbridge, which is finished apart from painting. This shot shows the Station Inn in the background, and also where I'm awaiting some etches to complete the sloping fences at the platform ends, one run of which has the paper print out in place where I've used it to check that I have the angles and length correct.


Alan Pearson's scenic work at Fence Houses

After Les' article in MRJ 207, I thought I'd share with you a few photos of the latest progress on the layout, especially Alan's amazing scenic work.
These were taken by Alan at an impromptu session we had the other day, hence on some you will see a not very complimentary background (my garage, where we do most of the work these days).
The exception is the use of Mike Raithby's back-scene from Victoria viaduct, which, as the only painted back-scene we have to date, gets in on the act for most of our photography lately! There is a detail shot of some flowers at Morton wood, followed by a general shot of the wood itself, or at least our little part of it.
The other photo is of a scenic area just to the south of Morton wood, with Mike's background showing (again) to great advantage.