Thursday, 17 December 2009

At last....... the Black 5

After many happy hours (!) here she is folks.
I'm still tweaking the last couple of pages of the instructions, but they've all been read and vetted by knowledgeable people, so they should be correct now! I was going cross eyed, as I read and re-read them so many times myself, I had to call for help!
A c.d. of the instructions (18 x A4 written pages and 110 sequence photographs on a further 14 pages) will be sent off (after Christmas now....... don't want them getting lost) to the relevant authorities, and the sets of artwork will be sent to the etchers within the next week.
The castings should be available by the time the etchings are ready, so it's all about to happen in the New Year.

Talking of which, all the best to modellers everywhere, for Christmas and 2010. See you at Expo in July!