Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Scenic Progress

These two photos show some of the scenic progress made by team member Alan Pearson on board six, which has the exchange sidings, south of the station and just prior to entering the fiddle yard. The work Alan has recently put in is yielding some very impressive results, including the use of some natural material, along with an etched tree skeleton, suitably clad. Thanks Alan.
The trackwork looks rather bare without the Chris Mills hoppers filling the area!
This posting might well have been headed "is this 'N' gauge mister", thanks to Bachmann Farish products coming to the rescue on stock levels! The 3 car DMU belongs to Les Waters, and has just had 2mm Association replacement drop in wheelsets fitted. The class 24 on the left is mine, and was fitted likewise prior to last July's 50th bash at Oxford. The B1 has only recently arrived at Fence Houses, and is awaiting wheel reprofiling....... when I pluck up the courage! Well if Mick can do it on a 4MT, then I'll have a go too. Watch this space.
Ah well, back down the pit (what does he mean I hear you ask, well keep checking the blog and find out!)