Saturday, 16 July 2011

Moving Pictures

Further to my last posting, and the still photos previous to that, here's the link to the video made by Mick at the 8th July meeting of the North East Finescale Group (NEFG). This local group comprises modellers interested in all scales/gauges.
Class 24 diesels abound as the motive power. We've spent that much time progressing the layout that steam loco servicing has taken a back seat. Something we shall be addressing shortly, with the upcoming August exhibition in mind!
As it seems a bit odd not having any photos in a posting, here's one of Black Boy Bridge at the 'exit stage left' location. Nothing to do with ethnicity, more to do with black faced coal miners from the local pits!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Oh yes it is, Oh no it's SNOT!

No pictures this time, but today's proceedings at North Shields culminated in my previously slippy 9F, hauling 40 of Chris Mills build of the 21t hoppers! 92099 struggled with less than 20 in times past, and we actually ran out of hoppers to put behind her this time, as she could have taken more. We did have a little wheel slip on the first circuit coming off Victoria, but not on the second, so she must have been getting in to her stride!
The reason for this transformation? That wonderfully named product "Bullfrog Snot"!
I'd applied the solution to the second pair of drivers from the front, and at the second attempt (not happy with a bumpy finish first time around) I left it to dry till I could give the engine a test on a decent train length....... that was months ago, and it's taken this long to get the whole layout up and running in test mode. Well today we tried it and I'm amazed, even though I've seen the videos before (type Bullfrog Snot in to Google and believe!)
Talking of videos, Mick has taken a new one of train movements on the layout which will be appearing shortly. I'll post the link when we get it. I've seen the initial video which I think is brilliant, but Mick's perfectionist eye has spotted something he's not happy with, so you will just have to wait a couple more days for the treat!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Fence Houses at North Shields

We've been there a week today, after setting the whole layout up for testing. It's the first time in exactly a year (since the Oxford Expo), that it's all been put together after ballasting and scenic work having been carried out, and all sorts of things have been done in an effort to get ready for the show at the end of August. It's getting near now to bringing it all back home again to finish off some other things in comfort.
Before we strip down I've taken a few photos. Compare Low Lambton Bridge with the posting on the 8th January 2011. Looking north we have the general shot of the signal box and the other station buildings behind. Note the coal drops in the right foreground. Looking south shows Alan's rendition of the pub garden, and the footbridge is now painted and populated. I should mention the fact that the buildings (with the exception of the goods shed and the coal depot office) are not yet stuck down. The signal box especially is noticeable in that the base has yet to be bedded in with ballast. However, I think we're starting to get there.


Sunday, 3 July 2011

12 Months on

Can you believe it's a year since that incredible Oxford get together?
Coincidentally we are just about to set up the whole layout again for the first time in 12 months. This will be in North Shields, where we are to spend at least a week at the substantial new premises of The Blyth & Tyne MRC, where a few of us are members. The premises are only about a mile from the upcoming exhibition venue, and we're hoping that a week or so spent tweaking, altering (Les is to fit a new power booster to electrically separate the front viewing area from the rear fiddle yards), and re-checking everything will result in a stress free (you must be joking!) weekend in August. At least let's hope it won't be as hot and humid as the Oxford venue, with all the funny/peculiar DCC chip happenings that went on there on that fateful Sunday! Both Mick and Les intend making some video footage of the time we have in the clubrooms, so look out Youtube! I might take some stills as well for posting here. The attached two posters are for the August exhibition, and note the club site at where more details of the attending layouts can be seen (click on 'Layouts, demos & Traders'). If you've viewed this site previously, note that the famous and well regarded NER layout Bramblewick is not now attending until 2012. Professional Artist and layout owner Tom Harland is undergoing hospital treatment at this time, and we all wish Tom the very best of health and a speedy recovery. Fence Houses still has a long way to go, especially with regard to the 'proper' stock period etc. and stock levels generally, not to mention signalling (what signalling!) but after the fantastic progress we've made since last July, we're getting there. A great big thank you to all the team from me.
One member of the team deserves a special mention. Jean. Come September we'll have been married 45 years, and she's still here, even after TWO Fence Houses! This has to be a record for someone with no interest at all in modelling, and I can only say how lucky am I! Our FH days are usually well attended for modelling purposes, but maybe some of Jean's cakes help the other team members remember another reason for coming along?