Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Jake the peg........

"With his extra leg........"
Wanting to get the Black 5 test etch away late last year, and needing something to fill up the sheet, I managed to 'adjust' my NER lattice footbridge kit details to suit the specific variant sited at Fence Houses station.
This had an extra leg going down to road level at the adjacent crossing. The other two legs were at platform level.
I managed a 'dodge' on the original 'N' Fence Houses all those years ago by installing a plastic card leg to the George Allen kit then in use. This new etching shown here is as the prototype.
The photos show the unexpected progress managed at last weekends local Birtley exhibition demo stand. Even allowing for all the Q & A's which take place, the two day event allowed me to mark up another notch in the layout's progress.
Further progress is required to fit all the treads, but that will have to wait till the Black 5 is finished.