Sunday, 7 August 2011

Simon says.......

Fence Houses team member Simon Perkins has been saying for some time that he has "nearly finished" Wapping Bridge signal box. It's been quite some time coming, but we finally got delivery last Wednesday, and all I can say is, that it's more than worth the wait! We now all need lessons from Simon in brickwork painting and weathering!
This little box is adjacent to the down main line, and controlled the southern end of the four track section junction that ultimately ends at another signal box, Penshaw North (see previous postings). There was approximately 1.5 miles between the two real boxes, but as previously mentioned in an earlier posting, our boxes are only 1.5mtrs apart. Hopefully no one will notice the lack of distance, once they see the effort and quality of the work that has gone in to the models!
These two shots show the box in position, but not finally installed, as we intend to put a retaining wall at the sides and rear, to hold back the earthworks. Simon can show us then how to create the fantastic painted finish he has achieved.


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