Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Fence Houses at North Shields

We've been there a week today, after setting the whole layout up for testing. It's the first time in exactly a year (since the Oxford Expo), that it's all been put together after ballasting and scenic work having been carried out, and all sorts of things have been done in an effort to get ready for the show at the end of August. It's getting near now to bringing it all back home again to finish off some other things in comfort.
Before we strip down I've taken a few photos. Compare Low Lambton Bridge with the posting on the 8th January 2011. Looking north we have the general shot of the signal box and the other station buildings behind. Note the coal drops in the right foreground. Looking south shows Alan's rendition of the pub garden, and the footbridge is now painted and populated. I should mention the fact that the buildings (with the exception of the goods shed and the coal depot office) are not yet stuck down. The signal box especially is noticeable in that the base has yet to be bedded in with ballast. However, I think we're starting to get there.


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