Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Fence Houses layout plan

I'm posting the layout plan here for the first time. It's in three parts, which can be cut out and joined at 'A' and 'B', to give the full plan (38'-6" x 9'). Originally it was 'only' 37'-0"long, but we have extended board 6 by a further 18", and because of that, board 12 also to match. Most of the track layout worked as planned, but the final stretch before reaching the end board 7 just ran out of space.
With a layout this big, what does an extra 18" matter!
At the viaduct end, compare the plan with the photo from my posting of 25th February 2009.
A lot of the latest track used is Easitrac. On the previous post this is much in evidence, coupled to the F.H. etched chairplated pointwork system. There are quite a few 'one off' shaped turnouts on view and it has all worked out quite well.
Note the track at the ends of the boards is all soldered construction.


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