Saturday, 20 December 2008

End of year report

Despite little being reported here over the last couple of months, the team have been beavering away on the 'Fence Houses' layout trackwork, wiring and fitting of Tortoise point motors. The latest board to be completed with these items is the 'colliery' board, which leads into the main station area, where some interesting pointwork formations will be required.
David and Simon are currently on with a couple of curved turnouts for the goods yard, and Les and yours truly have been engrossed with wiring and testing the DCC functions required (well Les has, I'm just the apprentice here).

Three of the boards (21ft) were recently set up for a local North East finescale group meeting (2mm to 7mm interests), and Mick pointed out how little impression my total stock made on the scene!
Even the sight of the 9F, pulling (amongst other items of stock) my four NER pre-grouping liveried coaches could not improve the view, and I have now acquired some more (BR) coaching stock for conversion to finescale.

Victoria was also on view in the garage, for some of the group attending the event who had not met her before, and to finish this last posting of the year, I thought this shot of her complete with Chris Mills's very nice builds of my 21t hopper kits would do very nicely.

Victoria is on her own in terms of finished scenery cladding to date, but I'm determined the layout will be joining her within the next 3 years. It's all getting quite exciting now, after all the 'planning' and daydreaming years since the 'N' gauge version.

All the very best to one and all for Christmas and the New Year.


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