Saturday, 20 December 2008

Another end of year report (Black 5 kit this time)

Strictly speaking the Black 5 kits are of course The Associations project, so were not included in my previous posting. However, I have now agreed with the powers that be that we can release some photographic evidence of what we've been up to over the last year.
Firstly an apology from me for the delayed completion date, which was aimed provisionally for October just gone. I just got involved in too many etching contracts.
Anyway I'm now back on the modelling bench, having just received the first test etch for one of the loco variants, and the next two to three months should see my design and casting master production element complete. It will then be down to the etchers and casting manufacturers to come up with the goods, not to mention our heroic shop keeper(s) who will have to supply the other bits and parcel everything up etc.

All three tender types (3-605 (Riveted), 606 (Part Welded), 607 (Welded) have been designed and reached test build stage. The photo is of the riveted type.

The other photo is of the etch of the loco parts, some of which will not be present as etches in the kit, as the intention is to make them up for use as masters for casting purposes.

I hope this posting will please those of you who have placed orders with The Association, as we all look forward to a successful conclusion to the project.

Did you know........... I have a photo of a Black 5 hauled train in Newcastle Central, after arriving from Liverpool and substituting for a failed diesel.
So I will be able to use the trial build on Fence Houses after all!

Seasons greetings (again) to all.


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