Sunday, 4 October 2009

As seen at the AGM 3/10/09

The Black 5 was shown running in this latest state, complete with quite a few of the lost wax castings added (some temporarily) to the loco and tender for the event.
Various other alternative lost wax boiler fittings will be supplied with the kit.
The white metal one piece smokebox / boiler / firebox casting (again fitted temporarily until properly 'fettled' and cleaned up) gives the weight missing from my 9F with it's resin cast boiler, and is noticeable in the running, seeing to give the impression of the mass and weight of a larger scale loco (or am I just imagining it!)
If I say so myself, the running on the day matched the look of the kit shown here.
The next build, probably the longer wheel base Ivatt type, will form the basis of the instructions, which I now need to complete to finally finish off this kit for The Association.
The riveted tender shown here has the cruciform type of axlebox covers. There are alternative Timkin type covers available for the kit.


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David said...

It looked fantastic in the flesh at the AGM and ran so well! I hope I can do justice to the kit when mine arrives. I know the wait will be well worth it.